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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Squeeeee!  I am a big Potter fan.  But I was skeptical about Fantastic Beasts.  My son read the 'textbook' when he was on his HP kick last school year and it is literally that: a textbook of descriptions of fantastic beasts.  Sooooo when it was announced there was a movie -- I was kind of like, really?  Fast forward to the end of 2016 when my son and husband dragged me to the movies.  My verdict: Fantastic Beasts was ah-mazing!  The costumes were on fire.  And that is how I became obsessed with 1920s and 1930s patterns (you know -- so I could create my own fantastically inspired wardrobe).
McCall's M7153
Size: 8

3+ yards of Cotton and Steel Mustang Sparkle Arrows
14" cream colored zipper
A hook and eye
Meter Navy blue thread

McCall's M7153 is a reissued pattern from 1933.  It has a v-neckline in the front and a plunging v-backline.  It is cut on the bias.  It has an interesting shape in which the bodice has a mirror V that ends beneath the natural waist.  I have never sewn something like this with a the little pattern pieces -- I actually had to read the directions. The pattern is more puzzle-like and less intuitive than most patterns I sew.
Because of how the dress was cut on the bias, I knew I wanted to use a stripe.  The Melody Miller designed arrow fabric for Cotton & Steel was sitting on top of the blues (I have so very many blues!) in my stash.  Superb for a little modern kick to a 1933 pattern.  I got a little sloppy and did not cut mirror images of the side panels of the skirt.  I was a little worried I would not cut them straight.  It doesn't has that dramatic effect that the dress on the pattern cover does but it works.
Besides botching the side panels, I removed about 3 inches from the skirt panels so that it would sit about an inch or so below my knee.  I think I am getting shorter because lately it feels like I am getting rid of more and more from the length to get a good fit.  There are no directions at how to alter the waist probably because the waist includes like 7 pieces coming together.  I used some Harry Potter magic to take in the waist slightly for a better fit.  I have to admit that I am a little self-conscience of the V at the waist as I feel like it points to my mom pooch (A big arrow that lets everyone know it is there).  I know its just me but I can't help thinking of that when I wear the dress.
The back of the dress plunges.  Love it!  I also made a matching belt to go with the dress but forgot it in these pictures.  The belt does help break up the V and focus the eye back on the waist.
This is my Fantastic Beasts Tina dress complete with practical shoes (my go-to Lacy sandel Hasbeens).   The title of the post is line from the Fantastic Beasts movie.  I thought it was ideal since this pattern was anything but predictable and it turned out so fantastic!

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