Halloween Attire... in November. At Least it is Subtle.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I’m baaaaccccckkkk!! You know when life piles it on thick and work bogs ya down? I tend to sew more....except I can't find the motivation to blog.  With the long days and time change, I can't seem to sit down and write (or read other blog posts) after a long day. I do like blogging but in mid-October when I finished a dress only to begin a post, well, no words would come.   Taping a pattern, threading a machine and sewing a straight stitch are a good stress release for me.  Writing ?!? ‘Meh!’ (imagine shoulders shrugging and a sour crinkled faced). Here is something from my silent blog time: I present to you a subtle Halloween Clemence skirt.

Tilly’s Clemence Skirt
Self drafted sort-of following Tilly's guidelines

Slightly less than 2 yards of a Cotton Blend 
Black 9” invisible zipper
Coats and Clark Polyester Thread in Black

To remind you, I have been lazily working my way through all the patterns in Tilly’s Love at First Stitch book.  I have never sewn a book from start to finish.   Tilly’s style, for the most part, is close to mine, so why the heck not?

The Clemence skirt is a tutorial for a self-drafted dirndl skirt…or in layman’s terms, a gathered skirt.  This skirt has a classic look and I love dresses with gathered skirts.  Should be a perfect skirt for me!! Alas, while this was an easy sew, the skirt was okay.  I like the look of circle skirts better. 

This gathered skirt imparts what feels like a massive frumpiness centered right at my waist.  A material with more drape may have worked better but I couldn’t resist having a skirt in this fabric….see what I mean???

From afar, it’s a simple gray skirt but up close you get the spooky Halloween vibe.  Clearly, I am late to the blogging world sharing my Halloween inspired skirt.  But.....drumroll, please.... I did finish this at the beginning of October.  And I wore it a lot.  I’ll probably wear it past Halloween since no one really notices except me.

Here is the quick and dirty description of construction of the skirt:
  • ·      Cut a 3 large rectangles
  • ·      Add some pockets if you like
  • ·      Sew the rectangles together
  • ·      Gather
  • ·      Gather again
  • ·      Gather some more
  • ·      Add a waistband and zip
  • ·      Hem the sucker

Yep, that is it.  The biggest pain was removing all the basting stitches.   Will I sew it again?  Maybe…honestly, onwards with new adventures.  

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