Blog Hop: Why Do I Write or Confessions of a Blogger

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The lovely Hana from Velvet Ribbon passed the blog hop onto little ole' me.  I love Hana's blog because (a.) she make beautiful things, (b.) her attention to detail is amazing,  (c.) I love reading about her construction process and (d) she lives in a exotic locale (Macau).     Thank you Hana!!

Why do I write?

I created my blog to catalog and share my sewing experiments.   Yes, experiments.  It's second nature for me to approach things with the scientific method.  Or that could be from the 4 years of university and 8 years of graduate school in which I was steeped in science.  Experiments can have good results or they can also lead to failures.  Both are valuable. 

Blogging is a heaping spoonful of awesome sauce with bacon and sprinkles.  It has connected me to a worldwide sewing community.  There are so many great seamstresses out there who blog.  I look forward to seeing their projects and hearing about what they have been doing (Thank the stars for Bloglovin -- all in one place every morning or evening!). They have provided that much needed inspiration or encouragement. I do not live a major city where there are countless people who share a similar passion.  Hell, my colleagues (and students) do not even know I blog, let alone sew.  Yea, I admit it.  I am horrible at self promotion.

What am I working on now?

I have several projects in the sewing lab right now.  I usually cut out several patterns at a time and then work on them little by little.  I have three different projects (2 dresses and a skirt) that need finishing touches (zipper, hem, or buttons, etc...) and then need to be photographed.  I have to admit that sometimes I run out of steam by the finishing touches and poof! they end up in the to-be-finished-pile. 

At this very moment, I took Friday afternoon of our Fall break to sew and blog.  I am finishing a sleeveless dress with a Dia de los Muertos print.  Must make bias binding to finish.  I am also working on a pair of trousers for my son to wear to the pumpkin patch (perfect fall photo shoot, plus we need family pictures for our New Year's card).   I also want to put together the Belcarra pdf pattern I splurged on last night.   And I am pattern testing (so exciting, huh?!).  It really sounds like a lot but all of these projects are in different stages and thus are manageable (or maybe I am just crazy and this is a lot!).

How does my blog differ from other sewing blogs?

I struggled with this question but came to the realization that my blog is not different from many other sewing blogs.  I have a unique voice and unique projects.  However, I do not want to become a slave to my blog where I feel obligated to write or sew.  I blog and sew because it is fun.  It is my stress relief.  It allows me to share.  It connects me with a community.

That being said, I would like to start a monthly series on my blog that focuses on my geeky side.  Shocking, right?  Geek Chic (should start next week) is going to feature sewing projects with a decidedly nerdy theme.  

I would like to get better at photography and update my blog theme but those are things to dream about if I had infinite time and money (which I don't so I think those will be on the burner for a while).  

How does my writing process work?
I sew, write, and blog read when my career job and my mommy work are finished.  This is mostly at night when I find the time.  In order to increase my efficiency, like my sewing, I have several blog posts I work on at once.   Sometimes a post starts with a pattern or an idea.  Other times I need to have pictures of the project complete before the words begin to drivel out.  Still other times, it is a title with a blank page.  A blank page is soooooo intimidating and it can be hard to put something down.  I constantly tell my students that one can overcome writers block if you just begin writing.  I have many first lines that are edited, deleted, changed, edited, rewritten until I hit that publish button.

When I first began blogging (Oh, how absolutely cringe-worthy those posts make me feel.  Full disclosure and caution: DO NOT READ THEM), I wrote in a more banal voice.  I don't know when it happened but I started to write as if I were vocally telling the story of the project including all the sentence fragments and commentary.  Now, my writing is peppered with all those goofy thoughts that run through my head.

There you have it.  I am passing the baton blog hop to a lady who is a wicked seamstress and makes me laugh out loud.  Amanda from Wear-A-Wyatt. 

Happy Sewing!

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6 Responses to “Blog Hop: Why Do I Write or Confessions of a Blogger”

  1. Annie, this is a great post! So fun to learn more about you and reading your post is always make my day.
    I have same feeling as you, sewing and blogging is fun and stress relief :) Can not wait to see your finished projects and your monthly series will be amazing :) Now, I am going to check Amanda's blog. Happy sewing!

  2. I love that you are not that big of a self promoter!! I can relate! My husband is often my biggest promoter, and I feel a bit better when it comes from him. Also, I love the idea of cutting out a bunch of projects at once. I am read about that on another blog, and I think I will try it this month. Actually, I already started it on a really small scale, but got hung up with pattern alterations (SIGH). Geek Chic sounds fun!

  3. Lovely to find out more about our geeky seamstress - I love that side of you:) Blogging is a great stress buster, and reading everyone else's blogs is my favourite relaxing time out pastime - a cuppa, and blogs, bliss :):) .

    I see nothing wrong with multiple projects - it keeps a momentum in an otherwise busy life outside sewing.

  4. I've been loving these posts, it's so nice to hear another side of a bloggers brain. "Sewing lab" is such a great term! I'm going to bring that into usage in my household! Rachel ☺p.s. thank you for your lovely comments on my cardigan jacket. I've taken photos of me in it and will hopefully post them soon!

  5. Love this post! It's always a fun to learn more about the process of other seamstresses. I have the same habit with my blog posts: I'll work on several at a time and keep them in draft mode until I'm ready to publish. Keeps me on something resembling a schedule!

  6. I enjoyed reading your post. Sewing definitely relieves stress. My body feels it when I've been away from my sewing machine for too long. I can't wait for the Geek Chic posts!


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