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Monday, January 6, 2014

Experiment: Tessuti's Fave Top

1.5 yards of flamingo jersey knit ($3.25/yard)
Fave Top Pattern
Mettler Metrosene pink thread (col. 0806)
Twin needle
Stretch needle

I had extra flamingo jersey knit.  Woo-who! That meant the second go-round with Tessuti's Fave Top.  I am over my fear of knits and officially have a new skill to start the new year.  With one of these tops under your belt, the second one churns out in no time. And in no time, I mean about an hour (maybe a smidge more).

Still unhappy with the fit, I printed a new pattern, put it together, then removed 4 inches from the vertical and 2 inches from the length.  This time I left the sleeves at their original length.  I think I need to remove another inch or so in the vertical and horizontal.

Is this my fave top?  Nah, but it was soooo easy and comfy that maybe if I spend more time to get the fit right, it would be a favorite of mine.

To increase my knit skills, I enrolled in the 'Sewing with Knits' Craftsy class.  I watched about half of the class after I had made the Tessuti top.  I did learn a couple of tips and tricks at stabilizing knits (oooohhh, the fabric rolling is annoying!).  The class is taught by Meg McElwee (who did a great job at dispelling myths and showing you what a good ole' sewing machine can do with knits) came with 5 patterns for basic items like a T-shirt or, my staple, yoga pants.  I plan on doing some online fabric shopping (another first for me!) for suitable fabric to whip some more knit goodies up.  Thanks to the Craftsy class, I also now want the Sew Liberated Ashland dress pattern because of the square neckline.

I was also able to enhance my knit awesomeness by using the Walking Foot and the twin needle that Santa generously gave me (Man, he does treat those who have been good all year!).   

I like this top but need to perfect the length and width (see how long it is above!  My little guy offered to be a model in the picture).  I do love the softness of this flamingo jersey.  It feels creamy against your skin so it begs to be worn.  Will I sew it again?  Probably (half the battle is putting a pdf pattern together, right?), the caveat is that I find the right fabric.

I had planned to take photos of the 'Fave Top' outside around this fountain but, just like most of the US, that polar vortex is sending frigidly cold air our way.  Here's to staying warm and cozy!  Maybe, the next experiment will be with fleece or flannel.

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4 Responses to “Not so Knitpicky”

  1. I just found your blog through the RTW Fast (not participating, just checking it out) and I knew I had to follow you as soon as I saw the name! I'm a fourth year organic chemistry Ph.D. student.

    Knits really aren't scary at all, are they? I've never had luck with that particular style of top as a rule, but I love sewing with knits.

    1. Excellent -- glad to know a fellow chemist! Knits aren't so bad anymore. Chemistry and sewing rock -- good luck with the PhD.

  2. Cool blog! I found you through the RTW Fast, and I am also participating! I will be following you as well! I LOVE sewing with knits, btw. I use my walking foot, twin sewing needle, and sometimes my serger.

    1. You have a pretty fabulous blog yourself ;). Now I can see why everyone loves sewing knits!


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