What Would Nancy Drew Wear?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I have always loved to read.  I'll read anything but I always come back to a good mystery.  One of my first memories somewhere in 2nd or 3rd grade was reading all of the Cam Jansen novels -- books about a girl in fifth grade who solves mysteries.  By the time I was in 5th grade, I was engrossed with Nancy Drew.  Nancy Drew was and still is the ultimate super girl.  Inspiration for my newest dress was channeled from Nancy.  I bet Nancy would wear something similar solving a mystery in River Heights with Bess and Ned.  Seriously, she would be looking very stylish while putting all the clues together.

Kwik Sew 4068
View B
Size: XS

3.5 yards of Plaid Madras
Navy Blue thread
Lightweight interfacing
1 red shank button

This is my first Kiwk Sew pattern.  I fell pretty hard for this dress because of the pattern cover.  I was a bit hesitant because there were no finished garment measurements so it was a round of risky sewing again.
What I learned while using a Kwik Sew pattern was that there a mad amount of ease within the pattern.  I removed two or more inches from the center back seam.  The bodice has what feels like excess amount of ease.  I  also had to remove some material in the side seams.  I think I took out a half inch on either side.
My Nancy Drew dress continued to give me hell when the serger knife cut a random triangle in the skirt.  Ummm.. it *was* my fault since the skirt got bunched up as I was serging a seam.  I was ready to give up this hot mess but my loving hubby encouraged me to put it down and walk away.  The next evening I hand sewed the deformity and now you can barely notice it -- I mean, you really have to be looking hard to find it! More hell arouse once I tried the dress on...The bodice didn't (or doesn't) sit flat against my chest -- it is a bit poofy and no matter what adjustment I tried (taking a bit in at the shoulder or reworking the facing) it didn't help.  It's nothing double sided fashion tape can't fix.  Just annoying.
I didn't even try to pattern match. Too reluctant with a new pattern.  I was more relieved to produce such a pretty dress and to heck with the perfect madras match.  I purchased this madras and the pattern at the same time but I never intended to use the madras with this project.  However, when I finally traced out the pattern, the heat of the summer pleaded for a breezy dress.  The madras has a lot of drape and it is a light weave -- perfect for summer.
For all the troubles, I love this dress.   And yeah, I feel like solving a mystery just like Nancy would.  I think this silhouette is flattering and the length is just right.  But.....with all the adjustments, it was not a satisfying sew.  Instead, it was rather frustrating.  What pattern has given you trouble?

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