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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hallo mates! About a month ago, LA Finch Fabrics was looking of bloggers to feature their beautiful fabrics.  I jumped on the opportunity and was lucky enough to be chosen (Woot-woot!).  I scoured their site and sent a variety of fabric requests. I was so pleased when a lovely package arrived with swatches and two yards of their dot chambray (I am a sucker for chambray!) and two yards of their mustard ponte.   Then I had the very hard decision of what to sew.  The denim dot chambray was soft and fluid.  It had a rich color and lots of drape.  After consulting the sewing universe, I had a plan that was thwarted.  I happened to find the newest Sew House Seven patten: The Nehalem Pant.  Game on.
The Nehalem Pant by Sew House Seven
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Size: XS
2 yards of LA Finch Fabrics Denim Dot Chambray
Aurifil Thread (#2600 Dove)

Sew House Seven patterns came on my radar when they released the Tea House dress.  I lusted after this pattern but for some reason I could not justify buying new patterns when I had plenty to sew.   I originally intended to use the dot chambray to make a sleeveless Sudley dress.  Alas, two yards was not enough.  Fast forward to the Sew House Seven's release of the Nehalem pant.  Perfect pattern for two yards.  And chambray works so well for pants or skirt. I caved (surprised, right?!) and bought the pant pattern and the Tea House dress pattern.
The Nehalem pants are based on Thai fisherman pants.  They have no zippers or buttons instead they are cinched by a drawstring.  This is such a funky pattern as the waist is very large and there is a lot of bagginess to the pant.  To wear the pant you must fold the waistband in delicate way.  There is even directions included within the pattern!
The construction was straightforward.  I got very nervous right before attaching the waist band because the waist was so large.  I trudged on and one of my favorite things is that the pattern included extra length for the waist band and you trim to the point you need!  That is so clever -- I hate when my waistband and waist are slightly off. That is when my MacGyver sewing instinct takes over.  You can feature the waist band two different ways and further there is an option of waist band construction within the pattern.  I chose the double waistband method.
I have a real soft spot for pants that are comfy like pajamas but can be worn in a professional setting. My wardrobe is about being stylish and comfy.  The Nehalem pants fall easily into my lifestyle.  But this is a fair warning -- these pants could turn out a hot mess with a poor fabric choice or no styling.  I think the chambray looks great with a crisp white shirt -- since it is still hot and muggy in Louisiana, sleeveless it is!  But come winter a white button up with also pair well with the Nehalem pants.
Thank you LA Finch Fabrics.  Go check them out!  My next blog post will feature that dreamy mustard ponte that I also received.    Although LA Finch Fabrics provided the fabric, this post reflects my honest opinion. and this was a dream fabric to sew with and to wear.

Hope you have a lovely week!

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