A Summer Staple

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Squeal!  Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 arrived and a snatched it up quickly.  As I have previously said, the Bombshell has been on my radar.  I am happy to report that it is cut and ready to be sewn.  Errr, as soon as I run to the fabric shop for lining.  My local fabric shop is crap when it comes to carrying knits which means putting off the Jorna until I find fab fabric (say that three times! Whew!).  In the meantime, I turned to April Rhodes Staple Dress.

April Rhodes Staple Dress
Size: XS

2 yard of floral cotton fabric
Elastic Thread
Coats and Clark Tan All-Purpose Thread

Ok, ok, I'll admit it:  I was skeptical about this dress.  The shape, the elastic shirring.  My main worry was that tiny ole' me would look like she was wearing a hospital gown or, worse, a paper bag.  It did have a wonderful appeal -- designed by an Ohio lady (Woo-who to my home state!), breezy design, high-low hemline, pockets.  Hmmmm, what did I leave out!?  Oh -- roomy for summer.
The directions are superb and I have a couple of new techniques under my belt because of this dress.  First time for proper French seams (done here on the shoulders) and shirring (all along the waist).  In the directions, April suggests trying on the dress to figure out where to located the shirring and she even warns you not to be alarm because of the hospital gown look!  The shirring was easy-peasy although once I tried it on, I knew it needed something else.
I made a simple bow belt in a contrasting teal fabric to cover the shirring and add something interesting to the dress.  I love this fabric with the very simple tiny sweet flowers but the Staple dress, in my opinion, probably needs a louder larger print.  The belt helped to compliment the fabric.  I also learned to use hammer on snaps (Another technique - heck yeah!  Who knew a simple dress would yield this much learning?!).  I choose these pearly snaps that I had bought for a forlorn project.
My husband also suggested a necklace to make the neckline more interesting.  You see, we are Project Runway addicts and he always reminds me to choose the right styling before I take photos for the blog (or go to work or dinner for that matter!).  

I deviated from the directions by using a larger hem to bring the front of the dress just above my knobby knees.  I also didn't cuff the sleeves.  Instead, I folded it over 1/4 inch, pressed, and folded the press again, then stitched.  I think I got a bit lazy and didn't want to fiddle with the cuff bias tape.
I have zipped all over town in this and can wholeheartedly recommend it for ease, comfort, and cuteness.  It is no wonder why she named it the Staple dress.  Thank you Perfect Pattern Parcel for introducing me to this designer. 

Happy Stitches!

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11 Responses to “A Summer Staple”

  1. Pretty dress and perfect for summer! I love how you style it with pretty emerald green bow belt and the necklace :) Well done, Annie! Happy weekend :)

  2. I love your pretty dress!! All the details you added are nice, and not overwhelming.

    1. I plan to make another but I have to make a basic (working on some running shorts) too!

  3. It is very pretty - I think it is the hemline that stops the dress being a hospital gown look - that and the little cummerbund bow belt. A simple dress is all you need for summer, after all - and quick and easy to make.

    1. Very easy make -- would recommend it for that quick sewing fix.

  4. A very beautiful dress. I like the fabric (though I know what you mean with a louder one for this pattern. My suggestion: Don't use large flowers on white. I tried oncewith a similar pattern and it looked like a nightgown), it makes a perfect couple with the green belt. And your outfit with the necklace is really perfect, great for summer!

  5. that bow belt is TOO cute! and it's perfect lol

    1. I am a sucker for girly things -- including bows!

  6. Definitely not a hospital gown! I have a couple of projects in the pipeline that will have shirring. I haven't done it on an actual project, yet. I have practiced. This is a great summer look.


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