Surrounded by Fleece: Knits Part Deux

Friday, January 17, 2014

Lurking within my pattern stash was Sew Simple A1490.  It's a rather simple fleece coat but a tad more dressy than the usual jacket.  It just so happens that I scored 3 yards of ivory fleece for the sweet price of $2.79/yard!  It was kismet (could also possibly be the lingering cold temperatures in Louisiana) and so the second experiment of 2014 was underway.

Sew Simple A1490 , size XS

Sew Simple pattern A1490
2 and 1/4 yards of ivory fleece  
Mettler Metrosene White Thread (col. 0001)
2 metal snaps


I choose the extra small pattern size.  It was slightly smaller than my bust measurement and I was counting on the crazy amount of ease in commercial patterns plus the fact that it was a loose fitting jacket.   

I should have known after cutting out the pattern. I should have gone with the smallest size (XXS).  I am swimming in fleece. Literally. Why is there so much ease?!?  The ivory fleece makes me look paler - not the chic white jacket I imagined!

Ok, for me surrounded by 2 yards of ivory fleece is not flattering.  On the other hand, it was such an easy make that the XXS should be just right and I am going to try again.  The procedure was quite clear in this 'Sew Simple' project.  It really was so simple.  I did add two metal snaps so that the jacket would close. It seemed odd with so much material that there were no closures.  It also looked funny without closures when you had your hands in the pockets.  I also shortened the shoulder dart slightly.  The sleeves took on a better shape.

Conclusion: Knits -- I am conquering you. Shout out to Simplicity patterns -- my mother thanks you. She will sport this jacket proudly.  

Other Lab News: To push myself and my sewing skills, I decided to join the Make a Garment a Month group.  This is an excellent group that makes a lot of interesting and inspiring garments.  The idea of the group is that you choose what you make for the month, share with the group, and then blog about it.  No theme.  Sounds like a lot of fun. 

This month I am going to tackle the Colette Laurel pattern using a teal cotton broadcloth.   This pattern has gotten a lot of good reviews and I like the option of cuff ruffles.  Totally girly and totally me.  Guess what I'm doing tonite?

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4 Responses to “Surrounded by Fleece: Knits Part Deux”

  1. I found your fun blog through the RTW fasters list and you have great projects! I loved all the things you made in 2013 too! Anyway, crazy how this pattern is so blog. I've seen it before and thought it was a cute pattern and now I'll know to go much smaller too.

    1. Thanks. I loved your skirts! I wish I had time to whip out three skirts :). Good luck with the fast.

  2. Design ease in patterns can be enormous and find that the finished garment measurements sometimes means that I need to go down even further than the XXS or forget that pattern altogether as there is just too much fabric! Glad you Mum will get to wear it. Look forward to seeing your finished Laurel!

    1. The amount of ease varies too! Unfortunately, this pattern did not have finished garment measurements so I took a stab and went down a size. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't!


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