Sunday Sevens #2 (#33 on T&B)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hi ya! Sewing was slow.  I  am proud that I did find time to finish True Bias' Hudson pants. Here are seven snapshots from this past week.

1.   Apparently this is a fish: crappie (pronounced "Car - pee").  When I saw this I scratched my head and thought who advertises bad plastics!?  It resulted in a good chuckle.
2.   I found a genetically modified Swedish fish.  I ate it.  And I liked it.
3.   Morning with Mom at my little guy's school.  That means coffee, donuts, and a selfie all before the school day began!
4.  We had severe weather all week long.  Lots of rain, clouds, and storms including when we crossed the Mississippi river.
5.  Hotel for baseball team had a swimming pool.  After a long day in the sun, a margarita tasted delicious.
6.  Baseball all of the weekend.
7.  Dinner date.

I absolutely cannot believe that we are going into the last week in April.  School is almost finished and summer vaca around the corner!  I need to figure out something to sew this week...any suggestions?

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