Thursday, September 18, 2014

Selfless September -- When You Sew, It Doesn't End

I sort of have a habit.  A sewing habit. A sewing habit and a notebook full of things to sew with sketches, swatches, and inspiration.   Jess from The Sometimes Sewist dedicated September to selfless sewing.  This was the perfect motivation for me to take my notebook, dust off some patterns, and surprise my family and friends.  

PiePie Designs Cherry Pie Skirt
Sizes: 3T and 12

I have three darling nieces.  When I visited my family in Cincinnati this summer I hit up a ton of fabric shops.  The oldest niece picked out the red puppy print fabric below and requested that I make her something special.  It only took Auntie Annie two months to find the time.  Geez, I sound pretty bad.  It is a shame I didn't start earlier because this pattern could not be more simple.  It also offers a variety of options to change the basic skirt including adding ruffles or making reversible.  Total time was a little over an hour from cutting to sewing -- mainly because I get distracted -- more episodes of Midsomer Murder appeared on Netflix and I watched the new Muppet movie (Best part is Kermit singing cheesy 80s style ballad: Check it out)! 

I loved this pattern so much that I dug out some scraps and sewed my 2-year old niece a fun skirt to play in.  It is made of flannel perfect for the coming fall months.  This pattern is now a go-to scrap buster especially in the wee-sizes since it does not require a mad amount of fabric. 

April Rhodes Staple Dress
Size: Medium

My version of the Staple dress is in high rotation in my wardrobe.   It is comfortable and has pockets!  I didn't think I would love this dress as much as I do -- it's not my silhouette but it is flattering with the elastic waist and it is so easy to wear.  I knew it would be a perfect dress for my mother. The Staple dress in red flower cotton blend would be a great fall transition dress  - wear it with tights or a turtle-neck underneath.
 I didn't have enough fabric to make a bias collar so I finished it with pre-made bias tape (don't hate -- it is easy and available!).  This version features the straight hem instead of the mullet hem. I added 3 inches to the length.  My mom does not like short dresses -- her style is more tea length to maxi.  I wish I could be there when she tries it on but I live so far away that I will have to settle for knowing what a surprise it will be when she opens the parcel!

Create Kids Couture Taylor's PJ Pattern (It's Free) 
Size: 6-12 months

This is by far my go-to pattern for kids PJ pants.  The patterns is free (FREE -- did you hear that!?) and ridiculously easy to sew.  My new nephew, Georgie, has some new pants thanks to a remnant sale at Hancock Fabrics and this freebie.

I will happily gush over this pattern! I have several more of PJ pants that I must sew before the end of the month for various friends.  This pattern also helps to make wonderful Christmas presents with just the right amount of special.  My son literally has a plethora of PJ pants (mostly in the Superhero genre!) thanks to Kids Couture.

Whew!  See, sewing doesn't end.  No worries though -- I did just make a few people smile and that warms my heart.

To more selfless sewing this month!