Thursday, September 25, 2014

Selfish Sewing: An Anna to Groove In

Lately, the fam and I have been listening to 70s and 80s music.  It all started when we saw Guardians of the Galaxy.  My boys like to read comics.  I, on the other hand, do not (Give me a book ay day!).   My only exposure to the Guardians was in Marvel books I read with my son.  The movie did not disappoint (Dance off anyone?).  And my son thought the soundtrack was bananas.  Yep, he turns it up loud and sings along. So, if you like Piña Coladas or getting caught in the rain, well, at least I will be grooving the maxi Anna dress.

By Hand London's Anna Dress
Variation 1
Size 4

3 yards of cotton turquoise print
1 yard of cream colored cotton
Mettler light gray thread
Mettler cream thread
22" invisible zip cream colored

Rachael of Imagine Gnats declared this Selfish Sewing week and since I was very good at a ton of selfless sewing this month, I needed to reward myself.  High on 'to-sew list' was a maxi length Anna.
I love this print.  It contains colors that I would never gravitate towards but my son convinced me to try it out.  I actually cut the whole dress out of the print and sewed up the bodice, however, when my husband saw it, there was a very pregnant pause and scrunching of the face, followed by "Too much."  I am not gonna lie:  I was bummed.  He's right.  Five yards of this print and I would look like a wayward curtain who had broken free from Bed Bath Beyond.  I found some cream colored cotton in my stash (yea for stash!) and churned out a bodice.

Goodness -- sewing with this much fabric is an exercise in patience.  I was not gifted this virtue therefore it involved a lot of "Oh Hell!" and "Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea!" under my breath.  And hemming this thing -- err, an act of torture with so much fabric to keep track of...  I had to hack off several, oh let's be real: 4 or 5 inches, in order for it to fit me length wise.  Next time, I'll adjust i on the pattern.

This dress is rad (It has a thigh high split!).  I am going to selfishly say that it was worth it and selfishly say it's hella cool. 
It's not like I need a Selfish Sewing Week since I sew for myself.  But one of the many things I like about the blogosphere, and blogging, is the community, the inspiration, and the push you need to finish something from the most unexpected places.   By Hand London -- this is a genius pattern.   

Here's to Piña Coladas and selfish sewing!