Winter Blues Chased Away

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Whew!  I love a holiday weekend -- here in the States we had a bank holiday this past Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's birthday.  Having a mixed family, we spent some time learning about MLK, social impacts, and how influential he was in the civil rights movement.  Chatting about civil rights with a 7 year-old is interesting and hilarious -- people treated differently for the color of their skin is a concept difficult for him to understand (What a blessing!). My son was most impressed that MLK was born in Atlanta: "Mom, he was born the same city I was!"  In spite of the amusing discussion, we ended yesterday listening to MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech.  My little family still gets the occasional stares but we openly talk with Jules about how very special and blessed our family is.  

We started the long weekend going to dinner -- Italian per my son's request -- to celebrate the amazing grades on his latest report card.  I tried a new wine from South Africa -- Ngumu.  The next morning, still proud of his marks, Jules requested beignets for breakfast and I happily obliged -- can't resist fried dough doused in confectioner's sugar!  The sun shined and we took full advantage of it!  The weekend went by quickly with several long bike rides, reading in the park, practice fielding with Jules on the baseball field, watching the last few episodes of the Legend of Korra, and of course, I slipped in some sewing.  I finally tried a Sewaholic pattern and I am smitten.

Sewaholic's Belcarra Blouse, View C
Size 0

Maroon fabric 
Black Gutermann thread

The Belcarra and the Renfrew came to me in a moment of pattern weakness -- I splurged, reckoning I needed -- no, couldn't live without -- functional blouses in my wardrobe.  Belcarra for warmer weather and Renfrew for the cold. I had the patterns cut and, in no time, I whipped up a Renfrew for my mother in red ponte.  The Belcarra pattern, however, sat on my work table ever since the polar cold crept into Louisiana several weeks ago.
In my stash was maroon fabric, two and half yards; it came from an estate sale and if I had to venture a guess, it feels like a cotton-poly blend.  It has a good bit of drape -- blouse material.  The warm weather this weekend motivated me to sew up the Belcarra and dream of spring.  I chose View A to feature the fabric -- the pleating details and pocket on the other views would get lost.  
All comments about this blouse told me that the neckline was wide but I needed to try it for myself to understand how much I would need to adjust -- probably less than a half of inch but I'll need to play.  
While writing my post on the last year's sewing, I realized I could sum up my style in a couple of words: simple, classic.  This doesn't surprise me since I gravitate towards simplicity so why would I need complicated clothes with details, bells, and whistles?  The Belcarra has a classic silhouette -- I wore the Belcarra to work today -- loved it (minus the wide neckline which I could deal with...) and it fits into my existing wardrobe.  I am trying to avoid those makes for the sake of making or trying the latest pattern. 
Since I love my Belcarra, I cannot wait to make the Renfrew. I am also thinking about getting Tasia's newest pattern the Oakridge.  I love the bow detail but since I do not wear very many button-up shirts -- I am petite and they always feel boxy -- I am on the fence.  I really want to try my hand at the Robson trench.  Too many times, I get inspired and purchase several patterns to have them sit.  Soooooo, I will have a cuppa tea, look through my stash, and honestly think about what I am going to sew next.

Till next time!

Happy Sewing --

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