Does a Tropical Dress Require a Holiday?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I've been daydreaming about a holiday.  Probably because I have read a string of summer books.  The latest was Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy.  Total mind candy books.  Back to my daydream, I want somewhere far away.  Lush. A place that serves exotic drinks and scrumptious food.  It is already starting to feel like a 100F (37C) here; it is the kind of heat that causes everything to ooze a sticky sheen.  A tropical holiday is not in my immediate future therefore I channeled all those vibes into making a sundress worthy of a holiday.

Simplicity 1873
Size 8
View C
2.5 yards of tropical cotton
Black Mettler Thread
Black Bias Tape
22" Red Zipper

*Sigh* Another Cynthia Rowley pattern.  Of which, I love all the views.  I decided on View C because I wanted a summer neckline.   I made significant changes.  In fact, my garment really doesn't look anything like the line drawing or the photo on the pattern.  Let's start with the skirt: I did the obligatory Pattern Review stalking.  Most comments I found said that the final View C was very short.  I nixed the skirt for View C and opted for the A/B version. Short dresses or skirts are not my thang.   Further, after pleating the whole skirt and basting it to the bodice, I scraped it.  It looked hideous and circus-tent-like on me.  Too many panels.  I remove some of the pleats and reduced the skirt.  Same look, more work! Gah! I concluded a simple gathered skirt would probably be the least amount of work after two pleating tragedies.
The dress is meant to be fully lined.  While I love this feature, with the temperature nudging closer to triple digits everyday, I would sweat several liters in a lined-sundress.  I opted not to walk around looking as if I just pulled the dress out of the washer.  The armholes and neckline were completed with black bias tape. Ahh, now the dress can breathe. Feels cooler and tropical already.
I tried a new technique to insert a zipper.  This is nothing epic or anything but I was pretty jazzed that I did it.  I inserted an exposed zip!!  Thank the cosmos for You Tube and the web for all the amazing tutorials.  I didn't have a long enough or fancy enough metal zip so I used a standard red one.  It adds an element of charm.
I am more excited about the exposed zip than I am about the finished dress.  I could list all the flaws but why?  I'll focus on the positive and I can't help thinking I am Miss Fancy Dress now.

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