My Thoughts on the Pant Suit

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vogue 9103
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Size 8

3.5 Yards of Cotton and Steel's Moonlight Tangrams in Navy
3.5 yards of navy batista
22" Navy Invisible Zipper
Navy Blue Thread

I fell in love with this pattern because the dress looked so chic on the pattern envelope (Gah! Sound like a groupie fan girl!). If I had to come up with two reasons to really appreciate the pattern it would be the bodice and the back gathered skirt.

As a professional, I am always looking for fashion forward work appropriate clothes (What a mouth full! Can I throw in any more adjectives!?!).  I must say that every fiber of my being rebels against the drab pant suit. As a field scientist and grad student, I could wear what I wanted. Most of the time, even though I love girly dresses, I needed to wear jeans or cargo pants when doing experiments especially in the field.  Flash forward to my first gig as a professor -- even there, I had freedom to wear what I wanted -- jeans on cold days and dresses on warm ones.  Then I transitioned into full-time administration (Some would say going to the dark side!) and my wardrobe has morphed into a variety of dresses with some skirt separates and the casual jeans on a Friday. What I cannot come to wear is a pant suit. I am sure the pant suit is absent in my closet. Now I can rock separates -- a jacket and pants or a jacket with a skirt or a dress with a cardigan et cetera -- but the pant suit!?!
I have been to several conferences within the past year and I always feel like the odd woman for not prescribing to the standard pant suit. Then I get extremely self-conscious that I won't be taken seriously. Silly but we all have hang-ups. I thank all strong women who have paved the way for other generations of women to lead, innovate, create, discover, or engineer. I respect all women who wear dresses, jeans or pant suits. But I don't feel any connection or desire to wear the pant suit.

My vibe is a fabulous dress. I would never consider myself creative, I am analytical. One reason I love to sew is to be fabricate all the lovely clothes that make me feel confident, empowered and allow me to express my voice. And to make something that fits me perfectly.
No pants suit for me. Sorry for the long diatribe. I just keep noticing the pant suit and it has been on my mind. This Vogue pattern is opposite of a pant suit. It is described as having a deep v-neckline. It is a deep deep neckline. I added a detachable modesty panel. Detachable because I didn't make it until I tried on the final dress and was shocked at how low the bodice hit. For me, it was slightly below my bra... the easiest, quickest fix was small panel that I could attach to the lining of the bodice.
Clothes like this dress make me feel confident. Beautiful. Strong. And pretty bad-ass since I made it! In my opinion that is what clothes are meant to do (There was a TV show dedicated on how to dress -What Not to Wear - whose purpose was to empower people through clothes!). I highly recommend Vogue 9103. It was a challenging sew since I had to read the directions. And it is a great alternative to a pant suit if that floats your boat. One of the speakers at a recent conference talked about empowering other women so if a dress is not your thing and you love a suit, I am with you and I know you rock it!  What are your thoughts on the pant suit?

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